Spherical Roller Bearings

222222Spherical Roller Bearings has a character of sell-aligning because the center of its raceway profile right fall on the center line of its bore diameter, even the shaft are bending slightly or the housing are inclining slightly, these errors of alignments cannot make the center of its raceway profile leave the center line of its bore diameter, this means the bearings can self-align, thus cannot produce other kinds of unnecessary strengths due to wrong alignment of shaft relative to housing.





Cylindrical Roller Bearings

1Cylindrical roller bearings are available in many designs, dimension series and sizes. The majority are single row bearings with a cage. Single and double row full complement bearings (without cage) complete the standard assortment for general engineering. Bearings with a cage can accommodate heavy radial loads and operate at high speeds. Full complement bearings are suitable for very heavy radial loads at moderate speeds.






Tapered Roller Bearings

3Tapered roller bearings consist of four basic components including the cone (inner ring), the cup (outer ring), tapered rollers, and a cage (roller retainer). The cone, cup and rollers carry the load while the cage spaces and retains the rollers on the cone. The cone, rollers and cage components of ourtapered roller bearings are referred to as the cone assembly. Individual cup and cone components of our tapered roller bearings are available as well as the complete assembly.




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