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Quality Control

According to ISO / TS16949, ISO9000 Quality Management System, CQC Management System requirements and customer requirements, we keep the quality promise, quality control strictly,  improving customer satisfaction.

1. Forgings Come to Factory

Key points inspection:  Material analysis ensures that the bearing steel 6 elements are qualified, appearance and size qualified.

2. Turning Process control

Key points inspection:  CNC lathe, professional measuring tool to measure the processing size to ensure that the size meets the process requirements, no residual material, burrs, cracks, etc.

3. Quenching process control

Key points inspection: Hardness, metallographic structure, ferrule deformation

4. Grinding process control

Key points inspection: CNC grinding machine, prevent burns, bruises, waste, professional measuring tool to detect processing dimensions, geometric accuracy, roughness.

5. Semi-finished product inspection

Key points inspection: 100% full inspection appearance, processing defects, size, sampling magnetic particle inspection, residual magnetism.

6. Accessory inspection

Key points inspection:  Roller and cage size, material, elemental analysis, metallographic structure, appearance.

7. Finished product inspection

Key points inspection: 100% full inspection appearance, rotation flexibility, assembly height, cleaning cleanliness, sampling residual magnetism, clearance, life test.

HRT Qualiy Certificate ISO 16949 

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